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Annual General Meeting 7/02/2016   09/02/2016

Sean McDermotts Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 7th February 2016.  The outgoing committee was returned for the forthcoming year unopposed.  In his address Keith Sweeney (Chairman) thanked each and every one the players who wore the Sean McDermotts jersey and represented the club with such pride during the year, from the youngest to the eldest. He also thanked their managers, coaches and selectors.   

He thanked everyone who was involved with supporting teams during the year; these people give untold hours at training, at games, on the phone, making plans, solving problems and giving our players the best possible chance of being successful. He acknowledged the tremendous work of all the volunteers within the club who show extraordinary loyalty and commitment, year in and year out. 

The Chairman also thanked the clubs sponsors and the clubs supporters. He said that throughout the season, at every grade, there had been a strong green and white presence on the side line which is appreciated by the players and the management.  He said that he had been very proud to take 130 plus supporters up the M6 to the All Britain Semi Final in Manchester.

He said that there continued to be good retention of young players moving through to the Junior and Senior panels which looked set to continue.  He said that the club had a long tradition of welcoming Irish born players to its ranks, who had moved to Birmingham to study.  He said this had slowed down during the recession but now that the economy had picked up we were again seeing new players joining us which was good for the club. 

Keith finished his address by saying that there would continue to be challenges ahead for the club but also huge opportunities which he felt the club was in a good position to respond to. 

President Tricia Smith

Chairman Keith Sweeney

Vice Chairman Bernard Mannion

Secretary Michelle Dowling

Assistant Secretary Angela Gilbride

Treasurer Cathleen Mannion


Senior Manager Keith Sweeney

Junior Manager Morgan Keating


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Twitter: @SeanMcDermotts1

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